West Midlands Tickets

Friday 25th May 18

Wednesday 30th May 18

Monday 4th June 18

Sunday 10th June 18

Thursday 14th June 18

Thursday 21st June 18

Monday 25th June 18

Wednesday 27th June 18

Ben Monteith

Arches Venue, Coventry

Sunday 1st July 18

Food notorious food

The Prince of Wales. Moseley. Birmingham

Thursday 12th July 18

Thursday 2nd August 18

Limehouse Lizzy

Arches Venue, Coventry

Sunday 16th September 18

Thursday 18th October 18

Sunday 28th October 18

Thursday 15th November 18

Cockney Rejects

Arches Venue, Coventry

Sunday 2nd December 18

Friday 21st December 18


Bel Air At The Belfry Hotel & Resort

Monday 31st December 18

New Years Eve Red Carpet Masquerade Ball

The H Suite- Edgbaston (formerly the Centennial Centre)