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0844 870 0000 (24hrs)

+44 (0)121 472 6688
International calls

Monday - Friday 9am-5.30pm
General enquiries
Accounts, promotion & marketing
Customer & client support
Client account manager
Client account manager
Client account manager


First floor
32 Frederick Street
Jewellery Quarter
B1 3HH

Important info

The above email addresses are not always monitored at weekends so if your enquiry is urgent, please call our 24hr number 0844 870 0000

If you are returning tickets to us, then we highly recommend that you use special delivery

Calls cost up to 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Meet the team

Jimmy Hewson


Likes: Lazy weekends, cream cakes & a freshly shaved face (my own that is)
Dislikes: Being late, cats and dogs as they all want to bite me & marmite
Favourite film: Casino, Goodfellas, Se7en, The Shining...
Favourite band: Elvis Presley & The TCB Band
My two desert island items: My 50" TV, watching films back-to-back with Mrs Hewson
Strengths: Problem solver, compassionate & doing press ups!
Superpower: Power mimicry so I can basically have them all

Mo Jones


Likes: Sunshine in winter, NCT mums, red wine
Dislikes: Parking tickets, fakes
Favourite film: Frozen (it keeps my kids quiet for over an hour!)
Favourite band: I prefer DJs to bands, and Nicky Blackmarket is nicest of the lot (I'd have said Micky Finn but he's a client and we can't show favouritism!)
My two desert island items: A solar powered Kindle pre-loaded with great books and a lighter
Strengths: Pragmatic, organised, honest
Superpower: Invisibility. Could sneak into some very interesting meetings!

Bartosz Neuman

Senior Software Engineer

Likes: Computer games, hiking, evening peace of mind
Dislikes: Noise, crowd, and as a result - big cities
Favourite film: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Favourite band: Queen
My two desert island items: Coffee maker and enough coffee to last me a lifetime
Strengths: I'm pretty robust and can eat often
Superpower: To steal anyone's superpower for a day. That way I don't have to live with one boring superpower!

Benjamin Dean

Software Engineer

Likes: Comic books, video games, music, and sushi
Dislikes: Sprouts, hospitals
Favourite film: Juno
Favourite band: The Dresden Dolls
My two desert island items: An axe and a large sheet of tarpaulin
Strengths: Problem solver, hard-working, and frank
Superpower: Immortality

Caroline Hewitt

Operations Assistant

Likes: Hockey, sleeping, Nandos
Dislikes: Onions, waking up in the morning, the use of etc in text messages, people smoking near me
Favourite film: Harry Potter
Favourite band: Nickleback
My two desert island items: Big Yacht and Nandos restaurant with unlimited food
Strengths: Tenacious,persuasive and dedicated
Superpower: Apparition so i can keep up with my twin <3

Chris Dunn

Software Architect

Likes: Indoor rock climbing, computer games, spaghetti bolognese, budweiser, prettying anything zombie related
Dislikes: Mud, DIY, lemonade in beer
Favourite film: Aliens
Favourite band: Sevendust
My two desert island items: PS4 + MP3 player
Strengths: Excellent communications skills with passion for creating great software
Superpower: Ability to fly so I could travel the world with ease, and it would be sooo much fun :)

Constantino Antunes

Software Engineer

Likes: Solving problems, internal martial arts, cake
Dislikes: Being in queues, slow internet
Favourite film: Memento
Favourite band: Bush
My two desert island items: A good knife, and a survival book
Strengths: Focused, pragmatic, organized
Superpower: The ability to learn any super power I want

Dan Gleeson

Account Manager

Likes: All things house music/dj/generally music related/Mary queen of shops
Dislikes: Marzipan, bees, wasps anything with wings
Favourite film: I have not watched a film in soooooo long
Favourite band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence & The machine, Bjork
My two desert island items: Sun cream and a large towel
Strengths: I like to think i'm a good judge of character, oh and I can open a bottle with a lighter
Superpower: I would like the ability to turn bad music into good music

Dan Johnson

Account Manager

Likes: Caffeine, music, festivals and creme eggs
Dislikes: Ryvita
Favourite film: Exit Through The Gift Shop
Favourite band: Gentlemans Dub Club
My two desert island items: Speakers and DJ Decks
Strengths: Having no weaknesses
Superpower: Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward time

Harriet Lahiff

Operations Assistant

Likes: Aubergines, running, travelling, red wine, beetroot, mustard
Dislikes: Mushrooms, cinnamon, passive aggressiveness
Favourite film: Kill Bill
Favourite band: Fleetwood mac
My two desert island items: Ipod, encyclopaedia
Strengths: Human biology
Superpower: Flying; planes are expensive and travelling is fun

Kerry Newell

Account Manager

Likes: Music, gym, cycling, good ale and the outdoors
Dislikes: Small spaces, vinegar, dirty mirrors
Favourite film: Schindler's List
Favourite band: Metallica
My two desert island items: Jet-Ski and a GoPro
Strengths: Organised, realist, considerate, reliable
Superpower: Be knowledgeable/skilful in everything

Kevin Jones

Technical Operations Manager

Likes: Wales, Coca-Cola and attention to detail
Dislikes: Having fake facts made up about me
Favourite film: Royal Tenenbaums
Favourite band: Pamplemousse
My two desert island items: iPad & penknife
Strengths: Being thorough & determined
Superpower: Mindreader

Libby Hewitt

Operations Assistant

Likes: Cheese, reading, travelling & secrets
Dislikes: Late people, cups of tea & sweets
Favourite film: City of Angels
Favourite band: S Club 7
My two desert island items: Joe Mangeniello & some tanning oil
Strengths: Creativity, people skills, empathetic and organised
Superpower: Apparition so I could save time and do more

Liz Cobley

Head of Operations

Likes: Arts and crafts, white wine, baking cakes and yurting
Dislikes: Mushrooms, queuing and late trains
Favourite film: Clueless (Ugh! As if!)
Favourite band: Pharcyde
My two desert island items: My son and a radio to listen to 6 Music
Strengths: Relater, responsible and realistic
Superpower: To fly, who wouldn't want to fly!

Luke Bromfield

Operations Assistant

Likes: Bacon, hip hop, weight training, anime, skating
Dislikes: Dry food, falling over
Favourite film: Jackie Brown
Favourite band: Slum Village
My two desert island items: Bow and arrow and a sun hat
Strengths: Creative, calm, positive
Superpower: To be able to turn into a Super Saiyan because then I could fly and shoot energy blasts from my hands...coolest

Phil Hayes

Head of Technical

Likes: Macaroons, the sea, photography & fresh sheets
Dislikes: Cream, mushrooms, fish, eggs & paperwork
Favourite film: 12 Angry Men
Favourite band: The Mountain Goats
My two desert island items: A kayak and a paddle
Strengths: Positivity, creative thinking & excellent communication skills
Superpower: The ability to travel through time

Ques Eden

Operations Assistant

Likes: History, red wine and animals
Dislikes: Fashion and pretence
Favourite film: La Hain / It's a Beautiful Life
Favourite band: Pixies
My two desert island items: Fishing Rod and a dog
Strengths: Belligerence to career related work
Superpower: Impressionability so I could persuade people to do things

Richard Freeman

Software Engineer

Likes: Video games, chicken, Spiderman
Dislikes: Filling out questionnaires about my likes and dislikes. Also musicals
Favourite film: Any Spiderman film except 3
Favourite band: Blackmill
My two desert island items: A helicopter & a book on how to fly a helicopter
Strengths: Calm under pressure, logical thinker, always finish what I
Superpower: Spidey-powers!

Sam Wright

Operations Assistant

Likes: Performing with my band Just Boy, video editing, watching live bands
Dislikes: Onions, dark chocolate, lateness
Favourite film: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Favourite band: Biffy Clyro
My two desert island items: Record player and David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars on vinyl
Strengths: Multi-tasking, confidence, leadership
Superpower: Teleportation

Stormy Lovell

Senior Software Engineer

Likes: Cycling, computer games, iguanas
Dislikes: Peas, sweetcorn, barbers
Favourite film: It's A Wonderful Life
Favourite band: Sabaton
My two desert island items: Machete & sharpening stone
Strengths: Analytical, thoughtful & honest
Superpower: Flight

Takis Andreou

Front End Engineer

Likes: Computer & videogames, books, electric guitars, swimming, thinking
Dislikes: Lamb, dust, thinking
Favourite film: Groundhog Day (1993)
Favourite band: Porcupine Tree
My two desert island items: A powerful radio transmitter and a battery
Strengths: Passionate, never-ending thirst for knowledge
Superpower: Interstellar travel & communication