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Zukonda Promoter Information

It's dark, 100's of people are congregated around you in one big open space, all with with their heads down, with fists clenched and held in the air.

The music fills you with emotions you have only ever dreamed of. You feel the bass from the drop that has just sent everyone around you into a animalistic state. Your hands and feet are moving in tandem, in a way you never thought possible.

Something feels strange. Your no longer in control of your body. Your head, your arms, your hips, your legs all move in rhythm to the beat.

You look up at the god like figure on the stage with his arms raised conducting you as if you were all his puppets, controlling you with the strings of the beat

As the beat slows down an eerie silence takes over the venue. People move slower, the sound of stomping feet starts to relinquish. Your lost in a world between the real one and the world you belong in.

A beat appears as if from no where, as if it's time to move on to the world you belong to. The beats get heavier, the god like figure begins to clap his hands, as if it were a warning that something incredible was about to happen.

The build up creates euphoria around you. It takes you to the brink of insanity

Then....a seconds silence...........................You know what's just happened!!


Zukonda finally rears its head...We have been working behind the scenes for a couple of years waiting for the right time to unleash the beast that is Zukonda, and we felt that now is as good a time as any to shake up the scene. Not just in Brum but in the U.K aswell.

We will pride ourselves on straight up fresh up and coming artists from around the world, but more importantly will stop at nothing to dig out the finest talent the U.K has to offer. Putting them along side already world renowned talent...........

Zukonda is a way of life for us, whether it's the music, the atmosphere, the vibe or even all of them rolled into 1, we promise to do all we can to provide you with the best off all worlds.

If your not having a good time then neither are we..and we can't have that now can we :/

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