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SENSATERIA VII feat. The Mourning After, Black Mekon & Sensateria DJs

Hare & Hounds, West Midlands

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Sat, 27th May 17
Doors Open
9:00 pm
Event Ends
4:00 am - Sun, 28th May 17
Age Restriction
18 and over
Dress Code
Event Organiser



27TH MAY 2017

£10.00 // 21:00


We couldn't be more excited for the next instalment of the Sensateria! Since it's rebirth we have held 6 editions which have featured the likes of The Pretty Things, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Night Beasts, Orange Revival, The Mothers Earth Experiment, Table Scraps to name a few!

This time we are returning with another two awesome Psyche driven guitar bands, The Mourning After (Sheffield) and Black Mekon (Birmingham).

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.



A passion for 60's Garage/Beat/R n B was the catalyst that bonded The Mourning After in 1987.

This passion was evident at their debut gig at The Take Two club in Sheffield after which they were offered a residency playing with all the charting indie bands of the time.....Primal Scream,Psychic TV,Spacemen 3,My Bloody Valentine etc.

They quickly became THE live band to watch in the north of England and in one case literally brought the house down when a show at The Broken Doll in Newcastle had to be stopped after the ceiling caved in from the weight of the crowd jumping around.
As reputation of their frenzied gigs spread Captain Sensible came to see for himself.As the band staggered off stage he immediately asked them to record an LP for his Deltic record label.

Around the same time Rudi Protrudi asked Chris (they'd become friends after the bands had played 3 shows together) if he would join The Fuzztones.

Although flattered Chris stayed with The Mourning After and the band hit Wemeenit Studios in Barnet.The session produced by Captain Sensible and engineered by Steve Broughton (The Edgar Broughton Band) resulted in 14 tracks being recorded in a day.
All seemed to be going great for the band until a phone call outlining Deltic had gone bankrupt brought them back to earth.

Mystic Beat Records heard of their plight and started a 2 year battle to get back the tapes from the Wemeenit session as the band continued to gig up and down the UK.Upon aquiring the tapes it was found most of the guitar and vocal tracks had been wiped off and had to be recorded again.This was done in Sheffield at Ian Burdons (The Human League) home.Photo's and artwork were sorted and the record pressed.Then for reasons that remain a mystery to this day,the owner of Mystic Beat shelved the LP.Apart from a handful of promo copies it still sits in boxes above a record shop in Sheffield.

Undefeated The Mourning After bounced back releasing 10 singles over the next 5 years and continuing to perform their wild shows until 1999 when after the closure of most of the great live venues in the UK they called it a day.

THE END.................or maybe not?



These two vicious bastards (Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon) were named after the legendary Black Mekong, illegitimate children of prostitutes visited by missionary preachers, abandoned to fend for themselves on the banks of The Mekong River.

Raised in a whorehouse by drunk dockworkers in a town called Christ's Gasoline, they were born with only one arm between them and grew up selling sand to sailors and wrestling vermin for the amusement of the locals. The rest of their upbringing is told mostly in sea shanties; according to legend they escaped on a raft made of old Cramps 45s using Hound Dog Taylor and Pussy Galore vinyl to paddle themselves to more familiar shores. Somewhere along the line they acquired drumsticks, a guitar, 3 more arms and a gypsy curse. They often need the aid of an expendable stunt pussy on a drumstool whenever they want to sing for their supper.

The live show? Blistering in-the-red punk blues, their mobile church of jet-engine noise and pelvis-shattering drums has graced shores all over Europe, Japan,USA, 3 successful tours of South America and has designs on planting itself firmly in your lap next.

None of what you read may be true, all of what you hear is.
Serve it up!