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Promoter T's & C's

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Promoter appoints TheTicketSellers to sell tickets for their event. TheTicketSellers acts purely as an agent and has no responsibility for the event itself.

  2. The Promoter confirms he has made all the necessary hire arrangements with the venue and contracted artists to perform as advertised.

  3. The Promoter will register an account with TheTicketSellers and may then upload their event(s) onto the website.

  4. It is the Promoter’s responsibility to ensure all event and ticket detail listed are accurate and TheTicketSellers cannot be held liable for any errors.

  5. If the Promoter requests TheTicketSellers load his event, it is their responsibility to check the final listing for any errors. Once loaded, TheTicketSellers accept no responsibility for any errors.

  6. TheTicketSellers will add a booking fee to the ticket, which can be paid by the customer or from the ticket price. This booking fee to be approximately 10% unless otherwise agreed.

  7. The amount redeemed to the Promoter is inclusive of VAT and it is the Promoters’ responsibly to conduct his tax affairs accordingly.

  8. TheTicketSellers will provide the Promoter with an invoice following the event, detailing tickets sold and remittance due.

  9. Payments will be made on the Wednesday following the event by BACS transfer or cheque (as requested by the Promoter), unless prior arrangements have been made.

  10. It is your responsibility to enter and update your payment details and inform us which account you would like payment to be made to.  TheTicketSellers take no responsibility if any payments are made to the wrong account.

  11. Should any overpayment be made in error by TheTicketSellers, it is the responsibility of the event organisers/directors to notify us immediately.  Overpayments must be returned immediately upon notification.  The event and its organisers/directors are personally liable for repaying these funds.

  12. In the instance of complaints about the event being received by TheTicketSellers, we reserve the right to withhold payment for up to 1 month, to resolve any disputes with customers (this time period may change).

  13. TheTicketSellers will not refund tickets without the Promoter’s agreement unless we cannot contact the Promoter within 1 week of the event by means listed on the Promoter’s account.

  14. You agree to include TheTicketSellers logo or our web address & telephone number on all your promotions (unless TheTicketSellers is your exclusive Box Office).

  15. We do not recommend that you display any advertisements where you do not have prior arrangements.

  16. If we receive any fines through promotions you have done i.e. fly posters or hand-to-hand flyering, you agree to pay them, as TheTicketSellers takes no responsibility. Whenever possible TheTicketSellers will pass on any communication received from councils to relevant parties but will not be held responsible if contact cannot be made.

  17. If your event is cancelled or does not go ahead for whatever reason and you do not inform us in advance, you agree to pay TheTicketSellers the total amount of booking fees, transactions charges and any other associated fees so that we can refund the customers in full.

  18. The promoter is solely responsible for ensuring that the number of tickets sold for an event complies with capacity requirements/licenses

  19. It is your responsibility to enter and update your contact details.

  20. The promoter must not include any information on their event(s) page(s) referring to other ways of purchasing tickets to their event(s), through any means. This includes any special offers, prices, packages, or 'on the door' sales and so on that are not listed on TheTicketSellers or any other information that may decrease or negatively affect sales with TheTicketSellers.

  21. All of the Terms and Conditions are governed by English law