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Passbook help

What are Passbook files?

We're in the process of writing a series of articles about Passbook on our blog. You can read these articles here, or read the page below for a quick summary.

Downloading your ticket QR codes (barcodes) to your phone using the Passbook files we send you means that you will be able to access those codes when you get to the event, even if there is no signal, or if your email has been deleted since we sent it.

It is safe and simple to do.

For iPhone

With an iPhone (or iPod touch), you don't need to install anything first, as Passbook is built in to all iPhones running iOS 6 or later.


Simply open your confirmation email from us on your phone and tap on the link to tickets.

For Android phones

With a phone running Android, you will need to download an app first. Click here for the one we recommend:


Once installed, open the email from us on your phone and simply click the icon for Passbook to send the ticket to your phone.


You have to click the icon for each ticket and transfer them one-by-one, there is no way to move multiple files at once.