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Endtyme Records Promoter Information

Endtyme Records is the new label project from former Noizetek Recordings label boss Todd Robinson.

Noizetek catered for the extreme and experimental end of the electronic music spectrum and dealt primarily with physical (mainly vinyl) releases. During its lifespan, Noizetek achieved a huge amount…playing host to Noise legends Whitehouse for their last ever UK show in their 28 year career, bringing the first large scale breakcore/gabber events to Manchester, UK, showcasing the most extreme material we could lay our hands on. With innovative live performances from the likes of Delta 9, DJ Floorclearer, Ladyscraper, Shitmat, DJ Scotch Egg, Hypnoskull, Leech Woman, Hellfish, I:gor, Bryan Fury, Gabba Front Berlin, Ebola, Frog Pocket and loads more, breaking new faces and pushing experimentalism in electronic music, whilst incorporating other genres such as Metal, Punk and Industrial…constant radio and press attention, especially from the likes of Terrorizer, Mary Anne Hobbs, The Wire, NME, Rob Da Bank and even in former guise Aural Addiction Recordings, by the late, great, John Peel.

Now we have waved goodbye to Noizetek, Endtyme rises from the ashes, again to push extreme and experimental music, but now focusing on a wider range of styles whilst keeping away from beat based electronic dance music. Original, exciting and often just downright bizarre material is what you can expect from us in the future, we will champion the more avant garde examples of genres including (but not limited to): Drone/Death/Doom/Black/Grind/Improv/Industrial/Neo-Folk/Neo-Classical/HNW/Dark Ambience and all the different strains that these genres have spawned and influenced…outsider music.

If you fall into any of the above genres (or combination of!), we are currently accepting demo material and promise to listen to everything sent our way. PLEASE remember though Endtyme will not be dealing with any form of Breakcore/Gabber/Speedcore etc…that was what Noizetek was all about.

For all general enquiries/impressium & other nonsensical ramblings contact:

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