Start Date

    • Sat, 19th May 2018

    Start Time

    • 7:00 pm

    Finish Time

    • 4:00 am

    Dress Code

    • None

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    • 18 and over

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    • 12.00 am

    Subb Sonic & World of Bounce - The Royal Rave 2018

    Saturday 19th May 2018

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    Subb Sonic Crew - Welcome to our annual Mid May event, where we always switch it up from the Norm & Introduce debut acts and never before seen sets for all of the ever growing #teamss family...

    This time will be no different as we Turn the Castle into a Monarchy and Celebrate a National Occasion..... If The Royals can Get Married - The Ravers can get Royal..........

    Kings & Queens - Welcome to Subb Sonic - The Royal Rave......


    Full Line Up


    SUBB SONIC Klubfiller b2b Andy Whitby & Storm & Finchy (Hardcore vs Bounce)

    Rescue - Hi Rollers (Keyes & Enemy)

    Sy - Unity b2b Double D (Quosh)

    Mob - Ben Xtreme - ROB IYF with V Star Live PA - DJC - Konekshon - Riko - RY-ON b2b Dino Dan - RAVE CAVE OPENING SHOW


    Mcs Enemy, Keyes, Whizzkid, Wotsee, Finchy, B, Korkie, Unity, Double D, Jack, Thunda, Stafford, Frostie & Peter G


    World Of Bounce Andy Whitby KFC LIVE Klubfiller Mikey B John Neal Holty & Irwin Scouser Riffresh Finchy, B, Cover, Wotsee, Master C, Lukey P, Spez.


    SS ANYTHING GOES BIG Worm - RAVE CAVE LIVE - Kalima - Rachel Vega - Azzadous - Cor3y - Chippy - Smokie MCs Jack, Stafford, COR3Y, San-D Spez


    Headline acts: Dj Sy